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ERMS – “Bright” light cited….

ERMS – “Bright” light cited….


One such is the topic around ERMS or the Black List which first hit my desk on 27th October 2016.

It was around then that I was made aware of a secret blacklist, preventing experienced, well-qualified workers from getting jobs on major resource and construction projects around Australia based on vendetta, payback and irrational behaviour of disgruntled bosses. ERMS (Employment Relations Management System) was intended to check the qualifications of prospective employees but, instead, was providing third parties with information about a wider set of parameters with a blacklisting eventuating, sometimes it was said without any real substance.  Around then, the company that managed ERMS, Bright People Technologies, had denied the existence of such a blacklist.
But there were a lot of individuals coming up to me and saying this still exists and that they felt they had been personally affected.
So comments like:
  1. “I feel that I have been black listed on ERMS from my last job at --------. It may not have been them but maybe my contractor I worked for. I know the reason if I have. I am a safety advisor and flagged up a bullying case that everybody tried to hide. The person involved was so distressed and did not know where to turn to. I took her to the local hospital as no Management at work seemed to care and the doctor said it was one of the worst cases he had seen of harassment and bullying in the workplace. This person had mouth ulcers, sores developing on her head and severe heart palpitations. She has been off work for 6 months now and still trying to recover. At the time I flagged it and told the doctor it was a worker’s compensation claim. It turned into a major issue. Her boss was sacked, when he was trying to help as well. I was demobilized from site, before the contract ended shortly after this. I am finding it hard to get another job. I have been in construction for 15 years and doing safety for 7 years. I too, feel like I have been put on the ERMS system (black listed), and all I was doing, was my job”
  2. Just applied for two jobs in Darwin. I'm a professional in my field of work with a great track record. I’ve been in my line of work for 20 plus years. It seems I'm not allowed on the ------project in Darwin yet and ------- put me thru medicals, done reference checks waiting to mobilise both times, then suddenly sorry the client won't allow you on site. #%#? Am I on erms and unaware of it???? Any help would be good.”
  3. “We are a company based in SA that has the same initials as Erms- the amount of time I spend taking calls from ppl who have been 'blacklisted' by the ERMS database defies belief, on average 10 -15 calls a day - I have concerns about the amount of ppl who have been blacklisted by this database, also it appears that the database administrators lack transparency in allowing ppl listed to enquire about their records - if the online professional would like to contact me about this issue, please do!”


Since October 2016 to February 2016 we have had 44 comments from distressed individuals against this article and we’ve followed the progress of this, starting initially a WhatsApp group and then supporting a group of individuals who said they were taking out a class action against the company concerned. Some of these comments are quite distressing but below is a flavour of what people were going through:

Hi all, I appreciate Wattelectricalnews making this page for me it's been the only real information that isn't written by some HR person somewhere. It's even somewhat comforting to know that it's just not me that has been dealing with a very similar story. A story that has seen my three children go without birthdays or have opshop toys bought for Christmas presents, my relationship continually stressed to breaking point. I can't put my finger on any particular time that I began finding it extremely hard to find employment however it was immediately noticeable after my business of 10yrs became insolvent and i need to find work in my trade.

I posted originally, 28 OCT, 2016. Never ever been able to get a job - just the one interview and I was overqualified........ Left Oz and got a job overseas - seems the only way to get work. So since being made redundant on 31 Oct, 2015, to 20 Nov, 2017 I was not able to get a job in Oz. Nice - NOT - put a tremendous mental, financial, and emotional strain on my family and I, such that we are all separated.

My employment was terminated in 2015 for raising awareness about my work place being non-compliant. My management were actively bullying me with intimidation, threats, false allegations that only eventuated out of my original complaint due to reporting the poor work environment they had to failed to address on several occasions. This finally escalated to Senior Management as my managers had now become aggressive to the point that I felt in danger for my safety. This happened over 6 months where I was excluded while the investigation was pending where management constantly turned my evidence into a counter attack avoiding responsibility. Several other managers tried to persuade me into dropping my case which I was deeply angered about, and I escalated this to the FWA which instantly resulted in an adverse reaction terminating my employment. I then had gathered supporting evidence to prove they had colluded and had failed to provide a safe work place, not meeting the safe guards that any reasonable manager would take and implement to create and foster a safe workplace free from harm. I also had evidence to prove they had deliberately made my life extremely hard by not replying to my national employment standards query a flexible arrangement or reasonable adjustments to raise my child with a flexible roster. They were responsible for misplacing my annual leave requests and stealing my phone, being corrupt, asking for booze to accomodate such requests and several other allegations deliberately delaying my case, refusing me access to the location to gather witness statements. Sadly I tried to internally keep this under control in good faith to give them a fair opportunity to gather facts however they demonstrated absolute unprofessionalism at all times and it will come to attention in due time as I will be working with several firms to bring the truth to light.

Pretty sure this is whats happened to My Husband. The shift he was on was productive and all got along well. As soon as the new Manager came in she broke up the shifts and went after the older workers. She set My husband up for a task he could not do and then sacked him. Her only qualification was that her uncle is a BHP higher up and got her the job. Three years later we are near bankrupt and he still cannot find work. We still have children at home. Same thing he get interviews, physicals etc and then its all gone. I am gutted and he is depressed. This has got to stop.

They send emails via no-reply addresses when they reject you, they do not pick up calls, they do not give any feedback, they hide behind anonymous curtains ruing lives of scores of innocent citizens and alike. No accountability, no checks on and of their actions! They are totally given a free-hand and takes all laws into their hands illegally! It is hard to find anything good in this country's corporate culture. Ruined for ever.

Jobs are being given to 457 workers, who gladly did the jobs or should I say reluctantly. This opened my eyes, because I started taking note that most of the jobs that were deemed unsafe, guess who was doing it. To me ERMS is bigger than we think.

I'm glad that I found this thread, because I've been suspecting something for a while, and all I get from recruiters is a denial. It is by pure luck that I have found this thread. So, I guess I will make my story public, even though it's an old one. A few years back I worked for ---------doing I.T Support FIFO on their -------operation. One night, after going to the gym, and eating, I went back to my room only to go to bed and find that the room was full of bull ants. Had a pretty sleepless night, but reported it to my manager the next day, who got housekeeping to attend to it. Went back to my room the next night, strange smell of onions in the room, that was at about 10:00PM. Woke up at 2:00AM, literally drowning on my own saliva. Honestly, it was like being water boarded. Coughing up lots of crap, spent the next day in the infirmary on oxygen. Medic banned me from flying, so I was sent home a few days later. Was called up the following week and advised that I'd been fired. Their story: 'A guy in stores had filed a complaint about me'. No details about the complaint, all they told me was that the guy in question 'had red hair' - I never saw one ginger in my time on site. I still have issues with my breathing to this day. I cough a lot, I've never ever been a smoker, I have excellent lung volume, I used to dive. But any of the big 4 that I try to get employment with, I never hear back from. And there are several recruiters who simply just ignore me. This is x%#@x; WE are the ones who have been done wrong in this.


And now – the Bright light.......

Just yesterday I heard from one of those affected, about them receiving this email from Bright Technologies saying “as a result of industry sponsorship secured in Dec 2019 (Editor’s note: what? 2019?) we recently emailed 30,000 people to let them know how they could have their Enable ERMS information transformed into an online profile; to edit, update and use as they wish.” And then suggesting this could be checked at no charge because of this sponsorship. See below:

So there is at least some progress on this. But is this factual? Have others received this email? On checking, does this prove or disprove anything? And does it bring back the lost years? What do you all wish to do about this?

Keep the information flows going on this and feel free to use this site as a lobbying point for any issues affecting the industry.


Comment by Barry Robert Perkins on 09-02-2019

I found this email in my spam folder but after checking seen that it was from Bright Technology

Comment by Brett Ciccotosto on 09-02-2019

I got this email and was actually surprised to see ERMS doing the 'right thing' then realised it was not free at all ........

Comment by Oliver on 10-02-2019

Interesting, This smells suspiciously like what happened in the UK with the National Insurance Blacklist. There was even a punk song written about it in the eighties. It wasn’t until 2015 that a whistleblower confirmed its existence and prosecutions started. People where forced to change their name by deedpoll, others where forced to move to Australia :)

Comment by Colin Porter on 18-02-2019

I paid the $38.50 to get my ERMS report, what I found was jobs I hadn’t worked on, jobs missing that I had worked on, referee’s I’ve never heard of etc etc. After reading the report, on went onto their online chat, I ended up chatting with Jodi, I asked to have my personal details removed, she asked why? I told her that some of the information was incorrect, she said that I could alter it and put in the correct information, I went on to say that I wanted it removed, because although I had done medicals and been assured that I had the job, they were just waiting to recieve my ERMS check. When they got it, the position was suddenly filled. Jodi said there is nothing in the check that would result in that happening. I said it has now happened on several occasions and I want my information removed, she wouldn’t do it! There was a lot more than I’ve written. I asked if I could have a copy of the transcript, she said yes and asked for my email address. After a couple of days of waiting, I contacted them again, once again I got Jodi, I told her I hadn’t received the transcript, she said they were having problems with their system, that’s why it didn’t send, after waiting, she came back and said the system was working again. She then claimed she had to get permission from her manager. She came back and said her manager wouldn’t authorise her to send me the transcript, I said I have always received copies from other companies, she said she doesn’t know what other companies do, she was told she wasn’t allowed to forward it to me! I feel that the transcript had information that they didn’t want used against them, incriminating evidence that they don’t want known! Luckily I screenshot the second conversation, now where do I go with it! Who will follow it up? I haven’t yet posted my experience/trouble that put me in ERMS, but it came down to being to experienced, and embarrassing our manager and supervisor on Curtis Island

Comment by Tyson Polgardy on 16-03-2019
So where do we go from here? Something needs to be done

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